- Extends efficiently into the reservoir by eroding the perforation channel.

- Washes out a tunnel with a larger inner diameter for increased contact with the formation.

- 1 inch to 2 inch diameter tunnel.

- Eliminates compressive stresses on source rock.

- Better reservoir drain area.  

- Use fewer shots per foot than explosive.


Abrasive Perforating vs. Explosive Perforating

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Abrasive Technology
by Ascendant Completion Services
sand pile.png
20/40 Frac Sand

Abrasive perforating is a process that uses high pressure fluid slurry to perforate tubulars and cement within an oil or gas well, and simultaneously extend a cavity into the reservoir. Newer modular abrasive perforating tool designs ensure near limitless re-configuration of coiled tubing conveyed plugs, packers, hold-down tools, perforation, and fracturing tools for simultaneous use during completion and work-over operations.​​

Traditional Abrasive Perforating

We offer abrasive perforating services with tools ranging from 1-3/8" to 9" O.D. Contact us for more information regarding tool set up and applications for your next perforation project.


 Conveyed via Coil Tubing or Jointed Pipe

Abrasive Toe Prep Services

Using the F.I.T. Tool, we are able to achieve a mill out and perforations in a single run. Fluid flows through the tool to the motor & mill. When ready to perforate, the motor & mill are isolated. Once perforations are complete, flow is restored back to the motor & mill.

Conveyed via Coil Tubing

Sand Injection Technology

The patented design sand injection unit is run in conjunction with all our our abrasive perforating/cutting tools. By injecting sand into the high pressure fluid stream, we are able to steadily deliver precise amounts of sand needed for operations. When used in conjunction with 'Voodooo Sweep' fluid additive, adequate fluid carrying properties ensure full and consistent abrasive delivery from start to finish. 

Voodoo Sweep is used during abrasive perforating & cutting operations. A product of extensive research & development, Voodoo Sweep is arguably the best fluid additive for abrasive carrying capabilities, beating out the often used Guar and/or HEC by a landslide while keeping viscosity at a near neutral state. Contact us for more information regarding Voodoo Sweep and possible applications outside of abrasive operations.

Voodo Sweep (Fluid Additive)

We offer tubing/casing clean-out services using our Rotating Head abrasive tool paired with the Sandstream, Sand Injection Surface Unit. Contact us for more information regarding tool set up and application for your next tubing/casing clean-out project.


Conveyed via Coil Tubing

Abrasive Tubing/Casing Cleanout

We offer abrasive cutting services using our Rotating Head Cutter or a variance of other tools. Contact us for more information regarding tool set up and application for your next cutting project.


 Conveyed via Coil Tubing or Jointed Pipe

Abrasive Tubing/Casing Cutting

Request Pricing for Abrasive Perforating Services