Voodoo Foam is an aqueous blend of unique compounds specifically designed for excellent foaming qualities for unloading gas wells where fluid on the formation face restricts the well’s production. It is suitable for capillary injection into hot wells and has qualities where many anionic foamers would decompose and cause corrosion damage to the capillary.


Unlike most foamers which strictly assist in deliquefying the gas to increase the flow of the gas, Voodoo Foam has the ability to not only increase gas flow to a more increased level but also controls sulfide gas, inhibits scale and corrosion, as well as control bacterial proliferation. Also, where hydrocarbon condensate, brine and high temperature have negative effect on the performance on most foamers, Voodoo Foam performance is usually not affected.  Of utmost importance is to maintain a low to no emulsifying tendencies in using the proper foamer. Voodoo Foam has little effect on emulsifying the production fluids.