Case study- Coil Tubing Drill-out:         

                         “Delaware Basin"


Running:  Voodoo Sweep vs Gel

Initial Run: Prior to switching to Voodoo Sweep screen pulls were averaging 4-5 lbs. per plug. Sand on surface was light to medium with an occasional heavy slug of sand. At plug #40 of 46 the  decision was made to pump a 20-10-20  gel sweep followed by a 60 bbl. Spacer. Once the spacer was in  the coil Voodoo sweep was utilized for the remaining 6 plugs. On Last 6 Plugs Screen pulls increased to a 7-8 lbs. average as well as sand increased too medium / heavy.

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             Case study- Workover Rig Drill-out:

                            “Midland Basin"

Running: Voodoo Sweep Vs Gel

This customer was having issues cleaning up the wellbore. The biggest issue was torque on the work string due to sand fallout when making connections. Due to the sand fallout torque on the work string was averaging (3,800 – 4,400) pounds. Voodoo sweep was used on the next 3 well pad. We were able to reduce the torque on the work string to an average of (2,800 – 3,200) pounds. Due to Voodoos sweeps superior suspending and carrying ability were able to eliminate sand fallout when making connections. Sand on surface was consistently a medium to heavy throughout the drill outs also, we did not have any slugs of heavy sand that can plug off the surface iron. Due to the well-being free of sand and debris ROP was increased and circulating bottoms up was eliminated. This allowed the wells to be completed an average of (8-10) hours faster with less pipe on pipe resulting in tremendous cost savings for the operator.